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France like other European countries and following the tragic events that have shaken the Middle East, has developed a resettlement policy for refugees who come to France seeking peace and dignity.

Although I am French and have lived in France for many years, I came originally from Syria. I feel particularly concerned over the tragic lives of refugees, men, women and children, who are left forgotten, treated by others with total indifference.

In front of such a tragedy, many mayors and elected officials in France have responded to the waves of refugees needing to be resettled. I am now seeking their support and their associations for a project that helps those refugees and refugee aid organisations.

Backed up by my qualifications from the Ferrandi Cooking School and my experience as a chef, I would like to organize dinners for local French people and refugees. Those dinners will be held in many town halls across France. It seems to me natural to think that they will include Middle Eastern dishes from Syria and Iraq. They will be providing an excellent opportunities for French people and refugees to get to know each other, to share good food and some aspects of their cultures, but also to build respect for the rights of each other, all brothers in humanity.
Any proceeds coming from those dinner meetings would be donated to refugee aid associations.

I would like to see in the future the development of a "training center" where the traditions of refugees who have come from the region known as the Fertile Crescent since ancient times, can be recognized taught and transmitted. This would add an amazing richness to the culture in France, its values and traditions.
This initiative seems to me appropriate to the image of France being a nation with the reputation of bringing people together. A France that can breathe new hope into those who are the suffering victims through no fault of their own.